Mdundo Twitterview with Kagwe Mungai

Bas!Bas!Bas! its time for Mdundotwitterview with Kagwe Mungai

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KagweMungai Karibu sana to #ChukuaSelfie #MdundoTwitterview. How's 2020 so far?

Asante!! 2020 is going great!

Yaaasss!!! So on that 'Form ni Fimbo' vibe, how well do you know ?

Yeah. Its a way for people to know their HIV status from the comfort of your home.

Direct indeed 'Hebu kwanza bow ,down to this Fimbo'  Do you think young people have enough access to positive sex information; compared to how much you knew when you were younger?

Information is power. With the internet and social media, it now means your access to power is only a click away

You are wise. If you were to give your younger self advice about sex, what would you tell Kagwe juniour?

Not much! He’s doing a great job. But I would tell a younger me reading this that life is worth protecting and that a 2-5min conversation can save you spending millions in medical bills as well as save a life of 2.

You are so wise but this next question will give away your age. What song to mind when your hear of HIV/AIDS?

Salt N Pepa , Let’s talk about Sex

Wueh! Ancestor...Last but most most weird; what is the weirdest myth you've ever had about sex, condoms of HIV/AIDS?

I heard someone “say condoms are for teenagers”

Ati kii??? People got jokes! 

Thank you so much for coming KagweMungai

This was so insightful. Tafutia SINGLE peeps fom ya Valentines sasa.

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