UGANDA: Singer, Sheebah Karungi's new Sanitary Pads Company Kicks off; 80% of it's Employees to be Women.

by Gloria

Sheebah Karungi, a social entrepreneur and musician who feels strongly about women empowerment decided to start a sanitary pads company, which she unveiled last year in October.

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The 'Team No Sleep' diva who has always identified as a feminist continues to empower women. She came up with this brilliant idea to support the female gender four years ago and through her company 'Sheebah Establishments Company', Sheebah has started manufacturing 'Holic Pads' to support women.

Once the headquarters open up, the 'Sweet Sensation' hit maker will employ 80% female workers in order to change lives and show the world that there are more qualified women who can do the same things as men but don’t get the opportunities to.

"Holic Pads isn’t just going to be Pads, it is going to be a company that empowers women. My company will hire 80% of qualified women once our headquarters open up. I want to change lives and show the world that we have qualified women who can do the same things as men but don’t get the opportunities to. I want to empower kids; I want everyone to live a life that they dream of."

She further reveals that she hopes to raise awareness about menstrual health, also reaching out to kids who can not afford to buy pads.

"This product isn’t just about making money but to also provide different opportunities to different women and also to raise awareness. I wish I could just give back to everyone without asking for a thing in return, but unfortunately a lot has gone into this product forcing me make it a business. I hope to raise enough awareness so we can give back to those who can’t afford pads at all. I just want to change people’s lives just like my fans have changed mine. I want to use the love I have now to change the world. "

Sheebah is taking this road together with her best friend, Mariam as her business partner and M.D.

The Pads are named after her Fan group, Sheebaholics.

Congratulations, queen!

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