UGANDA: Gravity Omutujju Gifts Fan with Shoes worth $1500 for Supporting his New Song, 'Bitandise'

by Gloria

There is nothing nicer that a celebrity giving something back to his/her fans. However small it may be, it will always give them a moment they will never forget.

Lugaflow rapper Gereson Wabuyi alias Gravity Omutujju over the weekend gave one of his fans an unforgettable experience when he gifted him his shoes on stage.

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This happened when he was performing his new song, 'Bitandise' at a show and he challenged one fan to come up on stage and sing along.

A young man took on the challenge and to the surprise of many, he had mastered the lyrics and was spitting bars, line by line.

The 'Winner' hit maker was shocked because it is barely a month since he released this song.

This young man's rapping skills prompted Gravity Omutujju to put off his shoes and offer them to him as a token of appreciation for loving his music. He remained bare footed on stage.

Speaking on his social media handles, Gravity shared the video and revealed that the pair of shoes was worth $1500 (approximately Ugx 5.5 million)

"I gave this young man my shoes worth $1500 just because of the love he had for my latest song ‘Bitandise’ may the good Lord bless him." He said.

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