UGANDA: Ykee Benda Advises Fellow Men to Stay away from Unemployed Women

by Remy

It is a new year and different people are making resolutions.

Ugandan singer, Ycliff Tugume commonly known as Ykee Benda has made a decision not to date any females that do not have jobs and has advised his fellow men to do the same in this new year.

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We’re all facing some tough financial times these days, but it can be especially tough for men dating unemployed girlfriends who are not even trying to find a job.

The Mpaka Records boss passed on the caution through his Twitter account also noting that the men will thank him at the year end for this eye opener.

"2020 let’s stay away from all the girls who have no jobs and are not trying to get one. You will thank me on 25th December."

We therefore live this question for the guys since the other way is quite obvious. Would you date an unemployed woman? Is there a point where the financial difficulties would be too severe for you to handle, or would it not matter? What if you had a relatively high income and enjoyed a higher standard of living and she is unemployed? Would it bother you that you had to always pay for everything and shoulder the burden of double costs every time?

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