CHARTS KE: Sailors Gospel Song is a Top Charter

by Olave Orawo

The Festive Season shook up the charts after about 3 weeks of uninterrupted stillness. Despite the excessive shuffle experienced, boy group sensation, Sailors maintain their reign over the Kenyan Charts. 

Their much talked about gospel release ‘;Jesu ni mwadhani’ that came out just as Christmas was approaching; is now the top charter. They seem to be relentless in their WINs and more is to come especially now that they are bagging renowned collaborations. 

Tanzania’s Darassa made a fast climb with ‘Yumba’ featuring Harmonize. It had been a while since Tanzanian artists fought for top positions in the Kenyan charts. 

Africa’s party anthem ‘Parte after Parte’ by BIGTRILL has maintained its position in top Charts. This happened even as all his counterparts got swept off the Top 10. He should however watch out for ‘Dangote Baba Lao’.

Diamond Platnumz did not waste time reaching for the top 10. His collaboration with JUX on ‘Sugua’ is also quite the charter for a while now. This race will get tighter as 2020 unfolds. 

Mdundo Top 10 Weekly Charts

...also since nobody can stop reggae, Lucky Dube also makes his debut on the Mdundo Top 10 Weekly with a worldwide favourite ‘Remember Me.’

It pretty much looks like an exciting year for music. The diversity in listeners’ choice only means the competition gets tougher. Be sure to download your favourite music to get your favourite artist in the charts. 

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