Niniola drops a lot colour on 'Omo Rapala' video

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Niniola is the one artist who has mastered the art of fusing Fela afrobeats and house music successfully in Nigeria and has stuck to it. She has gifted us with a new single and its visuals that is dubbed ‘Omo Rapala’.

Omo Rapala is a very fun song especially with the instrumentation. The moment yu hear it come on you want to start dancing. Niniola on the other hand keeps her vocals very soft and clean through the song without much variations which is an unspoken rule with house music because the instrumentation covers whatever variation that needs to come on.

The video opens into the streets of Nigeria which is colourful and necessary chaos from the first scene. The visuals are really Niniola giving us a Yoruba culture education. It is in the way she dresses, so much colour, excitement and drama in what she and everyone else in the video puts on. There is a lot dancing through the video. It takes us through communal playing for the kids and the cooking culture in some scenes.

The audio and the video both agree that being African/Nigerian is a lot of colour and even more dancing whenever and wherever. Niniola dares you not to dance listening or watching ‘Omo Rapala’.

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