Stamina features Atan in new heartfelt song 'Asiwaze'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Tanzania is full of amazing all round artists in rappers and vocalists. When you get a song fusing these two factors, it is likely going to be a hit song. This is what Stamina and Atan are gifting us with in their new song ‘Asiwaze’.

Asiwaze is a song speaking on the role and importance of marriage in the society at this point. The whole situation where neither men nor women are willing to stick it out while in it or live as they are meant to being married.

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In the video, we watch Stamina go through the different faces of being heart broken. We watch him drown his sorrow in a bottle of liquor. We then watch him bury love in form of flowers, certificates and whatever else went into love.

Stamina raps through his pain over a very silent hip-hop beat backed by a violin towards the end of the song. Atan has a lovely voice with occasional harmonies to the verses in addition to the chorus.

Catch a vibe with Stamina and Atan on matters heartbreak.

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