Timeless Noel Drops New Jam ‘Dis Year’

By Omondi Otieno

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Celebrated musician and hype man Timeless Noel has dropped a new song dubbed ‘Dis Year’.

In the song produced by Magic Mike, Timeless encourages his fans not to despair, adding that 2020 will be a year of blessings.

He notes that for those who were broke in 2019, they should prepare for God’s blessings and providence in 2020.

He further noted that those whoprayed and did not receive answers, should expect the same this year.

“Uliomba sana last year, jibu inakuja Dis Year. Double double double portion ni Dis Year. Ulisota sana last year, hutasota weh this year, utapata ganji this year, God atasort kila kitu this year,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

A day it premiered, the song is struggling to get viewership on YouTube, only managing over 900 views on the platform.

If your year has started on a not so good note, consider listening to the song for inspiration.

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