3 Music Groups to Watch Out For in 2020

By Omondi Otieno

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2019 was a good year for several music groups especially those in the gengetone genre.

The genre rocked airwaves, and any team that had songs under this category got massive airplay.

Some of the groups that wowed Kenyans in 2019 included; Boondocks Gang, Ethic, Sailors, the Sol Generation team among others.

This year, here are three groups to watch out for:

  1. Sailors

Sailors made a kill in 2019. All their songs performed well with the likes of ‘Wamlambez’ becoming club bangers across the country.

The group did well in 2019, but much more is expected of them in 2020 in terms of more songs, more collaborations, and diversity.

The group shocked many people when they dropped ‘Yesu ni Mwathani’ a gospel tune, which is quite different from their norm. Watch out for more surprises from the group in 2020.

  1. Sol Generation team

Sauti Sol launched their music record label Sol Generation records and managed to sign several artistes including; Nviiri, Bensoul and Kaskazini.

The entire group worked together and produced ‘Extravaganza; which was a major hit in the country.

Although most of the members are heavy invested in producing solo music, watch out for them, another ‘Extravaganza’ may be in the making this year.

  1. Ethic

Ethic is like the lead team in a marathon, they are considered the fathers of gengetone.

2019 was a relatively good year for them, with most of their hits performing well, and getting massice airplay on local radio stations.

Being the pioneers, they are probably crafting a new strategy to set them apart from the many groups that have flooded the gengetone genre.

Watch out for Ethic, as they will surely impress in 2020, judging by their past projects.

Editor’s Note: This is the opinion of the writer and does not mean other music groups should be overlooked.

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