2019: The Year Gengetone Stamped its Place in Kenya

By Omondi Otieno

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2019: The Year Gengetone Stamped its Place in Kenya

The Kenyan music industry has been undergoing a radical transformation thanks to the new breed of musicians who are penetrating into the national scene.

In 2019, one particular genre took over the music industry; gengetone.

It all started in late 2018 thanks to Ethic music group, when they dropped their hit song ‘Lamba Lolo’. The group met some resistance among Kenyans who felt they were ‘eroding morals’, but Ethic soldiered on.

In 2019, they emerged stronger and produced more gengetone songs. Their success inspired other youths to create their own groups and start singing.

This led to creation of other groups including; Boondocks Gang, Ochungulo Family, Rico Gang, and Sailors among others.

The groups took 2019 head on, dropping one hit after the other, to an extent that their songs took over the airwaves, city matatus, and entertainment joints across the county.

Gengetone was well received by the youth, who feel that is relatable and speaks to issues facing them on a daily basis.

The success of gengetone prompted some veteran musicians to collaborate with members of these groups, in a bid to be part of the wave.

In deed, 2019 was the year of gengetone. A quick spot check on music charts and performance of songs on YouTube, back the fact that gengetone songs performed way better than all other genres in Kenya.

One issue of concern is, however, the use of vulgar language, and exclusive videos that saw a number of hits banned.

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