Darassa x Harmonize release Video for hit song 'Yumba'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Darassa has been working overtime this last quarter of the year and it is evident with the release of his new song, Yumba featuring Harmonize, who has also been having quite the good year despite his Wasafi departure.

Darassa and Harmonize are two among the great artists from Tanzania to the world and within Tanzania at the moment courtesy of their club bangers which are also good hits. Therefore having them on the same record has gifted ravers with this great club bop, Yumba.

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Yumba takes on a chill but very groovy and danceable feel and instrumentation. Harmonize introduces us to the song with his amazing vocals which immediately has one wanting to dance. Darassa soon after comes through with bars on bars to bring in the hip-hop bit to the bongo beat.

The Hanscana directed video takes us to a godown party. There is a lot of colour and lighting through said colour to bring life to the video. The beat obviously allows for the much dancing that happens from start to stop of the video. Harmonize takes every opportunity to show off his moves to do exactly that while Darassa maintains his cool as he always does in his videos.

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I bet you will have this song forced on you in whatever club setting you experience this holiday season.


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