UGANDA: IT IS OFFICIAL | Daddy Andre and Angella Katatumba are dating!

by Gloria

There is a new celebrity couple around town and we could not wait to tell you about it.

After keeping their relationship under wraps for some time, songstress Angella Katatumba has finally made it official with celebrated producer, singer and song writer, Andre Ojambo alias Daddy Andre.

Andre and Angella have been spotted together before but continued denying that they were dating.

In a recent interview with Spark TV, Angella has put the rumor to rest and admitted being in love with one of Uganda’s most sought after producer.

‘I told you when I’m ready, I would let you know. Yes, I’m dating Andre. We are dating’ – Katatumba confirmed.

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‘We do everything and go everywhere we want together depending on the program we have as a couple.’ Andre supplemented.

When asked if he hopes their couple would last being celebrities, Andre pointed out that Jay Z and Beyonce are making it despite being celebrities.

“What brings us together is music and other things are natural. You never know why you connect with someone.” Andre added.

Andre however revealed that, they are not thinking about a wedding right now, because, according to him, a relationship is just an understanding between two people who are friends.

‘Andre is caring, a star, a great producer, a great musician and he makes me happy” Angella said while laughing.

The couple is working on a song together titled ‘Tonelabira’ (translated to ‘Don’t forget me’) and it shall be released soon.

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