Ya Levis recreates the Adam and Eve story in new video 'Mbangu Te'

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by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Weddings and cults would look beautiful would look glamorous if Ya Levis would grace them as he has in his latest video for the song ‘Mbangu Te’. Mbangu Te is seemingly about loving deeply hence the gypsy-wedding ‘cultic’ video depiction.

The artist who gained much fame in Kenya with his hit song ‘Katchua’ executes Mbangu Te with a lot of familiarity. The song begins with a piano playing and great harmonies quickly come to play. Mbangu Te is sang on a fast paced melody with the horns and guitar being the most prominent instruments. Ya Levis then lays some strong and as melodious vocals on the beat. This also comes with a percussion break into the last hook of the song.

The video is a lot of white and flowers and green. This is in the sense that the director tries to recreate the Adam and Eve Bible story. Ya Levis and his love interest do this with great chemistry and effortless execution. The use of Natural light and nature gives the video a lot more intensity to pump into the emotion of the song.

It is one of the most exquisitely simple video that the weekend gifted us which is oh so beautiful. Catch a vibe with Ya Levis.

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