Lava Lava Releases New Song ‘Tekenya’

By Omondi Otieno

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Top Tanzanian musician Lava Lava has released a new song dubbed ‘Tekenya’.

‘Tekenya’ is a love song, and revolves around this beautiful lady who has impressed the man in song.

He narrates that every time he sees her, he feels ticklish, and like he has been struck by lightning.

“Kamenitekenya, tekenya katoto,… nikimuona beki hazikabi…. Moyo mpasuko radi Mapigo mbio bila ya idadi kanitekenya… amenishika kwenye paja, namtajataja, kanitekenya amenigusa kwenye kwapa yani mara huku mara hapa,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

The song is relatable as many people have experienced the above when falling in love, or when they come across a person they like.

Three days after it premiered, the song has already secured over 163,000 views on YouTube.

‘Tekenya’ is expected to do much better once the official video is out.

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