New Releases: Amani G drops ‘Nisipotee’ as the talented Ben Cyco releases a ‘New Song’

The gospel music industry continues to grow, and although various artists have moved on from the industry, new talent emerges every day.

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Amani G is one of Pine Creek Records’ biggest acts. Her sweet voice and simple demeanor translate to her music, where her voice is a vessel for praise and worship. 14-year old gospel singer, Amani G  has released her latest single, Nisipotee. The upbeat tune captures a Christian’s steadfast faith in God praying every day they do not forget their faith. ‘Nisipotee’ is the fifth single off her debut EP that was released in December 2018

Amani G had this to say about the song, ” Everyday we face infinite challenges in our lives, this song is just a reminder of God’s wonderful mercy. The audio was produced by LinkSyd Records, composed and written by Chris Adwar.

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