Arouse your spirit of patriotism with this amazing playlist

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In the wake of the recent terrorist threats one thing that has and will always remain a true fact is that Kenya is a great nation and has always risen above all barriers to stand firm and strong.

The synergies between music and patriotism could hardly be more possible or harmonious, with both stirring human emotions and arousing a sense of pride and unity amongst citizens which is why i thought it would be great for Kenyans to sit back and reflect on the greatness of their nation through the power of music.

Here are some of the tracks that you need to be listening to all which are available right here on mdund; at the same time have a look at the presidents campaign to do away with terrorism;

#Khaligraph - Dedication (We Are One)

# Eric Wainaina - Daima

# Nameless - Coming Home

# Chef's Special featuring Octopizzo - We Are One

# Rabbit ft Tim Rimbui and Kanana - 1963 Unite Kenya

# Vienna Boys - National Anthem

# Jakaqu - My Dedication (254)

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