Lupita Nyong'o Releases Song for her Children's Book 'Sulwe's Song'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

We are all familiar with Lupita’s alter ego, Troublemaker who occasionally hits us with bars on bars. She is giving Troublemaker a softer touch with her new song ‘Sulwe’s Song’.

Sulwe’s song is a song done for her new children’s book ‘Sulwe’. Sulwe is for the little dark-skinned girls who she hopes to empower by making them feel beautiful in their own skin. She has been doing media rounds for this book and this is definitely part of her media promotion.

It being a children’s book, the song also is to be a children’s anthem. Lupita, K’naan and Steve McEwen got together to write a song that was playful enough for the children to enjoy. The producer also did a good job on the instrumentation of the song.

The song is very simple from the instrumentation; one can only hear about 3 instruments going on; the lyrics and the chorus especially. All this is for the children to easily catch on to the song and actually singing along to it. The chorus is very repetitive, also for the same purpose.

Lupita’s voice is more theatrical than it is a performance-like Beyonce performance. This also tunes the song to be easy to the ear of a child.

This is a beautiful song and definitely an affirmation for everyone’s little person.

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