Mdundo Twitterview on 'Chukua Selfie Test' with Celebrity Guest Femi One

By Ian Jacob

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Sema hiyo One ! Mdundo got the chances to link up with, King Kaka Recordsfirst lady , Femi One. Femi joins the campaign to increase the awarness of the 'Chukua Selfie'  HIV self test kit

Tiuseme hiyo one at exactly 1pm am vipi @Femi_One? Welcome to #MdundoTwitterview Today we are all about #ChukuaSelfie

Thank you for having me

 True dat. So what song comes to mind ukiskia juu ya kujua status yako?

Princess Jully Dunia mbaya

 we ni wa kitambo. Juu ya hiyo story, what's the weirdest myth you've had about condoms / HIV?

Condom: si tamu na condom ��

HIV : Can be contracted through kissing

 Wueh! Trial and error like most people. Knowing what you know now, at what age do you feel kids should know about safe sex?

Honestly as early as possible

 And that's sad. On the same note vile you now have a song out with gengetone biggies; how can you compare music from back in the day to now, talking about sex?

Well it’s entertainment at the end of the day but I  would love to see them impact young people in a positive way and talk about sex safe

That's brave and lovely of you. What about HIV/AIDS stigma, do you feel, like we still have that in 2019?

Yes we do!!

usiwahi tense, hata at home you can always call 1190. How do you feel music has influenced sex positive conversations?

There is a song about chukua selfie and artists are really using their platforms to talk about safe sex that’s why I’m here joining in the conversation.

Ni hivyo tu, hatuwezi pinga. Vile Femi jina kubwa, would you prefer to get tested at facility or use your #ChukuaSelfie  privately at home?

Either!! I wouldn’t mind getting tested in a facility atleast they have a counsellors, they will help calm the nervous kwa nyumba naeza kufa of anxiety

Hiyo yote ni #NyokoNyoko Thank you so much for coming Femi One Umetuchanua sana. Lunch?

Haha thank you for having me

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