Jhene Aiko Releases New Song With Ex Big Sean, 'None of Your Concern'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean keep playing and confusing their fans and well, it is also being applied in their music. Jhene dropped some new new over the weekend, ‘None of Your Concern’ and the title features no one but the end of the song features her ex Big Sean.

Jhene Aiko talks about everything Big Sean talked about right after their break-up, ‘check his video/post on Instagram if he is still has it up’. She continues to spill her heart on the track, as is her style and she lets us in on her heartbreak and now her recovery.

True to the vibe of the audio, the video is Jhene taking solace in alone time, meditation and self-care to heal her heart. She uses the ocean, the forest greenery and a lot of colour on walls; dark on the dark part of the song and coloured walls on the verse she seems to might have found relief, might have been intentional or otherwise.

The song then breaks into a silence and Big Sean steps on rap-singing and his lyrics have been causing a lot of uproar on the internet all weekend and bringing all worded memes to life. He marries Jhene Aiko’s energy and flow and he does that really well to close the song. He also marries Jhene’s colours and scenery for the visuals in as much as they do not appear on any scene together.

Well, we are as confused with the lyrics and their status off lyrics but I bet that is None of our Concern, ours is to enjoy the song.


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