Vanessa Mdee takes an orchestral re-imagining of her hit single 'Never Ever'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Vanessa Mdee has been teasing her followers about new music and she has gifted them with a collaboration with The London Symphony Orchestra and Frederic Gassita. Yes, Vanessa has re-imagined one of her songs, ‘Never Ever’ into this classical, now contemporary composition.

Every function of the orchestra is bringing magic; you hear the piano, the violins and the cellos. Vanessa tweaks her voice, playfully and softer to a beautiful marriage between her and the full orchestra. Her notes are carefully hit, not explosively but with well controlled nasal action.

The slowed and stripped re-imagining of the song just make it oh so beautiful to listen to and give an even more romantic sound to the lyrics. This for sure is also us re-imagining Vanessa’s sound as we get to experience her voice all raw.

Catch a vibe with Vanessa because she has done the ting.

Download Vanessa Mdee's music for free here


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