Pastor Joan joins Mdundo team, talks about her music career

Many know her from the hit Pambazuka na Yesu a few years ago but Joan Wairimu has been in the Gospel industry since 1995 when she was only 22.

Being a young successful artist then, she developed her inspiration to music after she got saved in high school and that had nothing to do with her family background as many artists would tell.

“I didn’t come from a musical family as many would say but I remember my mother was part of a group with her sisters called Rikoini (in the kitchen) and they would sing in church but it wasn’t that serious. It is when I got saved in high school that my passion for music came about,” Joan.

Joan, who is also a pastor, mother and at the same time founder of Queen’s Ministry and Kesho Njema Cooperative Society, seems to have a lot on her plate but somehow manages to strike a balance between all.

“It really has not been easy for me but I think what keeps me sane is the power of prayers. I try to manage my time well and work very hard towards everything especially parenting. I put a lot of effort towards inspiring my children because I can’t inspire the world if I don’t start from within,” she added.

Queens Ministry is a women’s mentoring program that focuses on giving women spiritual, economic and emotional balance. It is based in Kenya but has branches in the US and the UK.

Joan is on top of her game and she recently joined one of East Africa’s fastest growing music download platform Mdundo.
Download her music via the link tagged below.

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