Doja Cat Drops New Album 'Hot Pink'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

People have been paying a lot of attention to Doja Cat for a hot minute because, when she comes on, you cannot simply ignore her. She made sure to remind everyone why they love her so with her new album ‘Hot Pink’. Doja Cat goes hard on every track and she keeps it very entertaining.

From the very first track, Hot Pink has sampled RnB beats and vibe to marry with Doja’s rap. This in essence is a basis of what Hip-Hop and RnB was from the beginning, elements of each are to be found in the other from time to time.

Doja takes this album to experiment and very well show off her artistry. She raps bars upon bars and playfully in almost every track there is on the album. From time to time she switches up the flow to sing in her hooks to her songs.

Listening to Hot Pink you will realise that without doubt, Doja has a lot of Nicki influence I her music. This is definitely evident from the style of rapping and the switching up to auto-tune or otherwise full vocal singing through the album.

This is definitely one of the best rap albums by a female rapper we will get to experience this year and Doja is definitely one of the best rappers there is in the game.

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