Timmy Tdat Autobiography, Music Career, Networth, and Girlfriend

By Omondi Otieno

Who is Timmy Tdat?

Timothy Oduor alias Timmy Tdat is a Kenyan musician and song writer.  He grew up in Kasabuni, Baba Dogo estate in Nairobi. He has eight siblings.  Growing up, he went through difficulties to finance his education. He had to do odd jobs to make ends meet. At some point in life, Timmy sold second hand clothes, worked as a tout, among other odd jobs. He, however, remained positive and followed his dream to become a top musician in the country.

Timmy Tdat Musical Career

According to reports on Standard, Timmy started his music career early in his childhood where he performed at beauty pageants in Ruaraka and Huruma slums.  He believed in his musical talent and was ready to do anything to get to where he wanted to be. In an interview with Standard, Timmy noted that at some point in life, he sold a fridge, and other household items he had been given by the sister to finance a music video. “I gave the shylocks the fridge, my DVD and TV. Niiliamini hiyo ngoma ndio itanitoa hiyo ghetto, lakini wapi, sasa keja ikabaki tu hivyo,” he said.

He struggled and continued pursuing his dream. In 2009, he joined Pacho records and produced ‘Blander’, however, the song did not perform well and had little impact in his career. After that, he worked with Naiboi ‘Nataka More’, that too did not perform as expected, he later worked with Ken Crazy, but their song did not also do the magic. His breakthrough, however, came in 2014 when he featured Naiboi in his song ‘Wele Wele’. ‘Wele Wele’ was a major hit in the country, and it helped Timmy Tdat create a name for himself.

After ‘Wele Wele’, Timmy released a number of hits that include; Nataka More, Yii Haa, Usiogope, Usinikazie, Shigidi, Dus Nyau, Trikide, Magaldem, Pogna Matin, Nje, Achika, Inaweza, Kitambo among others.

In addition to the singles, he has worked with several top artistes that include; Khaligraph on Kasayole, Otile Brown on Wembe, Redsan on Atekwe, Wyre on Haitosi, Adel on We’ll Be Ok, Ndulu featuring Kush Tracy, and Tunakubali featuring The Kansoul.

Timmy Tdat Networth

It has been five years since Tdat’s breakthrough into the industry; he has produced several major hits which must have earned him good money. He also gets invites to top shows and events in the country meaning he earns some god money. It is, however, not clear how much he is worth since he has not publicly declared his wealth.

Timmy Tdat Relationship

Timmy’s current relationship status is not known, however, a couple of years ago, he dated fellow musician Kush Tracy. The two, however, broke up.


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