Bey T is Queening this 'Nineteen'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

After the release of the Khali Cartel 3, Bey T is following in Khali’s steps and she has sampled a beat for her new release ‘Nineteen’. She is here to make sure that everyone understands that is planning to keep queening until the end of the year as she has been since its beginning.

She comes through with her signature rap-sung style of hers to the song. She has a smooth and soft flow to the song and mid-way into it, she switches the floor real fast to break into a fast flow. She is very corky in the song which sounds good especially with the switch up because the delivery of what the song is becomes more apparent.

Bey T is definitely one of the female rappers that we have been loving all year and with the release of this, even 20 will come with an anthem on a sampled beat and she will kill it.

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