Etana feel good release with 'Rock My Body' Single

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Etana, in her all glorious self is back and with a new jam, ‘Rock my Body’. It has been a quite minute from her corner and she is here to give us some Carribean goodness. Rock My Body is a fusion of different Carribean musical influences; very much calypso on first listen and the underlying Jamaican roots beats to it.

Rock My Body is clearly from a place of love and lust and it fits someone like Etana to take a deep into such a song. Her voice, high-pitched yet well rounded gives the sweetest melody and the playfulness needed for the song and the beat, respectively. It is simply written and composed which makes it a song you want to remember and keep singing through the day, voluntarily or otherwise. The chorus is very easy to remember and well layered with some great harmonies.

Jam to Etana and her signature RnB but reggae sound on ‘Rock My Body’ today.

Download Etana's music for free here

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