Khaligraph Jones & MI Abaga Cypher gods status

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Hip-hop brings a lot of different styles with it and different artists fit in different styles. Arguably, two of the greatest rappers we have in Africa at the moment are Khaligraph Jones and MI Abaga. They are both very great with cyphers and around the same time this year, they have released different cyphers with themselves featured. MI in his cypher plays with the probability that he could be the greatest in Africa with maybe, just maybe one rapper from Kenya who could step up to him and that could only be Khali.

Both Khali and MI are very tight with their flows and could pass as those artists with bars on bars. Khali is very great with his rhyme, whether internal or outer rhyme, that is his forte and he does that very effortlessly. MI Abaga on the other hand is quite poetic and very lyrical with his rapping style. He has a depth and will make you think serious all the time, something kind of like TI.

I don’t know how fare it is to have them go at it with each other being that they are very different but if it ever happens, I am here for it.

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