No. Ed Sheeran x Camila Cabello x Cardi B 'South of the Border' collaboration video

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

It has been months after the release of Ed Sheeran’s No 6. Collaborations Project and we didn’t get to see all the videos to the songs on the album. Ed has released the video of the project featuring Camila Cabello and Cardi B, ‘South of the Border’.

The Jason Koenig directed video is a heist to get a necklace but more importantly, having two people on the same corner for them to find love. It goes without question that the beach and its environment is a great destination for a holiday fling that may or may not last. Ed and Camila act as the match-makers staging the heist and Cardi B happens to be at a convenient place in the plot to add more ground to this staged heist. There is a lot of fighting and actin in the short clip and the adaptation of a lot of colour. Unlike the other monochromatic videos of the project, this one has more colour and especially through Camila’s signature maxi flowy dresses.

Catch a vibe with Ed trying to keep up with the spicy Latina women south of the border.

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