Wactch Demarco new release 'Till my time come' (VIDEO)

By Ian Jacob

Collin Dear Edwards popularly known as Demarco is Jamaican dancehall and reggae recording artist. Demarco is known for global sensational hits like ‘No Wahala', ‘Backaz' and etc. His back to the music scene with an epic tune dubbed ‘Till my time come'.

Till my time come' features a piano infused beat produced by Attomatic Records & Hampton Music. The remarkable visuals for the jam were directed by Demarco and Sean Coleman. On this new big tune , Demarco gives a glimpse of his life as gangsta in Jamaica. He gives us a revelation of the life his lived,  you can not move around without a gun.

‘Me don’t know plain cheques

Me only know point,squeeze and let it fly

On the Rolex that be the right time that ….

Till my time come'

‘Till my time come' suggest that he will never quit bearing firearms till he does because that’s the only life he knows. If you’ve watched 50 cents Get Rich or Die Tryin then you’ll understand the type of vibe Demarco is trying to create. Regardless of all this gangsta theme and talk, ‘Till my time come' is an awesome listen. We all know Demarco for the party life with recent jams like Bunx Pon It , ‘Till my time come' caught the music scene and all his fans a bit off guard.

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