Best Ever Sex: Music Playlist Compilation

Virgo and Libra babies better be in check. Birthdays have got hotel suites fully booked, chefs running on petrol covering a range of cuisines and DJ s slowing it down to create a bedroom play compilation. Sex toy stores are probably sold out of cosmo costumes and we know someone somewhere is getting laid. That’s cheesy but true. 

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Building up to a special day planned for, you need to set the record straight. If that’s the person you want to be with for life, start on the right foot. If it is someone you just met and are still not sure where this is going, still be safe. Whores for life or for keeps remember to wrap that boner. Intimacy should feel safe also cut the chase of running around for emergency remedies afterwards. 

If you are not sure about your partner’s HIV status, get a self test kit at a nearby pharmacy just to make sure. Simply an oral test will give you results in15 minutes and a blood one; you’ll be in the know in just 5 minutes. 

Spoilers on halt. You now want soothing beautiful music in the background to make love to. This does not only set the mood, it also checks the pace and with a relaxing atmosphere; take it away. 

To start you off, here is a nice compilation to set on your speaker as you serve the wine and slip into something lighter or into nothing at all. Thank us later. 

Sex Playlist


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