By Ian Jacob

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East Africa are you even ready ?. Tanzanian’s rap god, Darassa has something spectacular in store. Darassa is know for his lyrical prowess and wordplay. His style of Swahili hip-hop is incredibly amazing and his flow even better. He made headlines after dropping a crazy banger dubbed ‘Muziki' with Ben Pol back in 2017. His back on top with another smashing hit dubbed ‘Juju' with fellow Tanzanian Juma Jux. Him and Jux have collaborated once before on Darassa’s ‘leo’.

‘Juju' is nothing but amazing. The drum infused song is about how African women are beautiful. ‘Juju' translates to ‘witchcraft’ so the song speaks about how Darassa has fallen in love with African women it’s almost like his under some sort of witchcraft spell ‘Hayo sio mapenzi ni Juju'. Darassa’s wordplay on this track is undisputed with lines like ‘Angekuwa wimbo Dj angeurudia' which translates to ‘If she was a song, the Dj would play it again. Darassa flexes his vocals on the infectious beat making the song sound super heavenly.

The visuals for ‘Juju' are extremely brilliant. To suite the theme Darassa and Jux are surrounded by beautiful African women. The video was shot in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Hanscana did a marvelous on the video production. The Bongo Afro beat was built by Abbah Process, mastering and mixing by Mr T Touch. I extremely adore the message Darassa and Jux are sending across Africa. That we should love our African beauties, there’s nothing like the love from an African Woman.

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