Sonnie Badu Says Kanye West Can Win More Souls For Christ Than Gospel Musicians and Pastors

Ghanaian gospel musician Sonnie Badu has said that American superstar rapper Kanye West can win more souls for Christ than some gospel musicians and bishops.

Sharing the cover art of Kanye’s forthcoming album Jesus Is King on Instagram, Badu compared the musician to Paul in the bible. According to him, Paul despite few years in the ministries wrote more books than the disciples who walked with Christ.

He said he believes God can use Kim Kardashian’s husband to do more works than pastor and gospel musicians.

He wrote:

“The disciples had a major concern about Paul. Why? Because they just could not fathom how they could spend 3 years with the Master and yet Paul who was a killer, had never met him had more insight and wrote more books in the scriptures than they did.

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