Bella Shmurda x Olamide kill it with 'VISION2020' remix

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Bella Shmurda stepped into the scene last year with his hit song Vision 2020. This caught the attention of many people including Olamide. Olamide asked the rapper for a remix and this has finally happened just a little months shy of 2020.

Vision 2020 is a hopeful grind anthem. For the youth in the country, it is about the government making promises to create chances for them to get monied but barely anything changes beyond those words. The pressure of having your peers making it yet nothing much is happening. The hope in this anthem is that one day the youth in the country will make it and the government will contribute to this success.

The visuals have a bunch of young people to share in this tale by Bella. It is well shot in the streets and what seems to be a go-down with great graffiti. Bella raps and sings throughout the song and sews together different stories that create the full song. Olamide comes in strong with his rap as what he calls a ‘double edge sword’.

I guess what affects one country in Africa is present in every other African country. We hope things change up for everyone when 2020 comes in and we can get new visions.

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