3 Songs That Suggest You Should Know Better Than Going Raw


No one gets sick if you just wrap your dick. Everyone knows what to do but how many really do. Save for your mother’s prayers, music has also been looking out for you.

Try looking out for yourself too; on that getting sick note, you should know that you can now walk into any pharmacy and get a self test kit. Well depending on which one you go for, the oral test will take you 15 minutes and the blood test will take you just 5 minutes. Now that you know your HIV status, here are some abrasive warnings in music. 

It’s fun singing along to nasty lyrics but if you pay attention, your favourite artists actually throw in subtle hints on protecting yourself; or let’s call it some good sex advice. In case you missed these extremely conspicuous lyrics:

Extravaganza by Sol Generation Ft. Sauti Sol  

Bibi ya wenyewe is a no go zone, kabla ukute vitu piga protection’. How did you possibly miss that? Alongside always wearing your glove, it is safer to stay away from a taken woman. LoL!

Mtoto Mzuri Remix by Nonini Ft. Bobby Mapesa  

Siwezi do kama hujaiva, na pia siwezi do kama sijaivaa’. You clearly pick that Bobby is picking up a random hot girl from the club. He might be dazed but he knows too well, he is not sliding in without rubber. 

Manyake by Circute and Jo-El  

Manyake kama baloon zina maji, juala ndio wahitaji’. Ass has ruled the black man's imagination since time in history. Spoiled for sizes much? Now just cloth that boner. 

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