Fena Gitu lets you have a peep of her much anticipated album, "Fenamenon"!! (Album Sampler)

Image Courtesy of Fenamenal

Only good music will last. All these other music is here for today and gone by tomorrow; and none other than the "Fenamenal" lady knows how to make the best of good music.

With just a few hours away from the launch of "Fenamenon", Fena Gitu's album, she went ahead and decided to handle the building excitement by serving her fans with an album sample.

Yesterday, she released the video to her song "Jabulani" and during an interview she had this to say, "I will officially launch the album at the Elephant and Taio Tripper will join me on stage and he too will be giving the crowd some of his new projects". So this clearly will not be a "one ice cream flavour" ordeal.

Now you know where all the roads should lead to come tomorrow. It will be an understatement to say that this album will be blow your socks off, so I will let you be the judge of that. Just drop whatever it is that your doing right now and have a listen to "Fenamenon" by following the link below!!


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