RnB Sheep List

By Kabura Ng'ang'a 

From the Hip-hop GOAT list, now we get the RnB GOAT list and we are mad and happy in unequal measure. On the list, we have MJ topping it because, king of pop and the other artists follow.

People were unhappy that R. Kelly came in second because he was cancelled after many allegations against him. People are unhappy that he gets to be on the list because of this and they have gone on to cancel out his name and replaced it with Beyonce so essentially, Beyonce is holding two positions on the list as the queen she is. Also brings in the about of separating an artist from their art and how possible that is in this time.

The other contentious person on the list was Drake who came in third. Drake is on the hip-hop list at number 23 and now on the RnB list. It is about really deciding whether Drake is a hip-hop or RnB artist, like really what is Drake? And he ranked top of Mariah and Whitney, many people are not too happy about that too.

Is your favourite RnB artist on the list or are feeling some typa way today?

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