Stefflon Serving The ‘Don Walk’

By Kabura Ng'ang'a 

Stefflon Don is hitting us with the Don walk as is her strut in confidence and bubbly joy which we all love. Her new song with Rymez is all about this and the video is a great representation of the audio.

Don Walk is about armoring oneself, as a woman with confidence and wearing it for the world to take you in as that. Rymez conceptualized this song with a fashion showcase video. While at it, the women showcase what seems to be Stefflon putting out her designs.

It seems important to have more and more anthems for women to put on their radios when going on about their lives. Stefflon has never been shy about the woman she is and asking more women into her space through this anthem is very befitting. I don’t know what anthem is holding it down for you today but Srefflon sounds like a sure bet, head on to YouTube to experience this magic.

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