Otile Brown All About “Siku Yetu”

By Ian Jacob 

The lover doctor is out of the studio with a cure for you love sick patients. Otile dropped “Siku Yetu” and with no surprise it’s another love fest with Otile. 

Am not complaining though, this song should have come sooner, like Valentine’s sooner . The track is about how Otile can do anything for his Boo, in the visuals we can see how he spoils her from dates at Big Square to a Solo movie at the cinemas. Otile seems in love in the song and the bongo beat might make it contagious with Otile’s beautiful vocals, you just might fall in love with the song or go out and find some. 

The song is a spectacular but we should see Otile trying out some other theme and see what else he can bring to the table . Clearly his nailed the love department so now he should grow and diversify. Kudos to Otile for the new fire track. Fingers crossed, Otile might just surprise us with something mind-blowing. 


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