Gengetone Dream Team on “Narenare”

By Ian Jacob 

Gengetone is what’s booming the Nairobi airwaves and we can’t get enough of this music. Some might say it’s vulgar but a good percentage of Kenyans support the new wave of music that is slowly becoming Kenyans signature form of music. “Narenare” just dropped and it’s absolutely fire! 

Imagine members of your favorite music groups featuring on the same song. Well you don’t try so hard, just listen to “Narenare” that literally means “Firefire”. Ochungulo families' Dmore drops the diesel on this track with an amazing hook while Vuva (34 gvng) , Team Psycho, Shagwah (34 gvng) , Mastar  Vk and The Boybleezy light the matchbox with some crazy wordplay . Hitman Kaht did justice on this beat but I have to say the mastering by Jegede was top notch. 

We see Nelly the goon in the visuals of the jam but too bad he doesn’t join in on the fun. Artist mashups like these should happen more often, when talent meets talent it’s “Narenare”.

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