Nviiri and Wanavokali's Acapella Blessing

By Kabura Ng'ang'a 

Nviiri the Storyteller dropped a banger for us to enjoy and we can’t get over it and neither is he letting us forget this drop. He has done a couple of renditions of the song through acoustics, impromptu loop performances and has had other peoples of the Sol Generation cover this wonderful song. 

Yesterday, Nviiri got together with Wanavokali and did an Acapella retouch of the song. Wanavokali is the group of vocalists that has been making rounds on social media courtesy of their acapella covers of different local songs. Nviiri and Wanvokali had @Collographer record what looked like a studio jam session. While at it, they re-did the second stanza of the song and the chorus. There were great melodious silences and back-up voices and added elongated sang words to the cover just to make the most wonderful cover yet of the Pombe Sigara hit.

I don’t know if you sometimes live for covers but this one is a definite watch.

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