Sosuun's 'Hit Song' set to be released tommorow

Rejuvinated, mature and ready to take her music to the next level, rapper Sosuun is set to release her latest new track 'Hit Song' tommorow and without a doubt just as the title states, fans will not be able to resist the growth and impressive video she has in store,

" I have been out of the music scene for a while now after my contract with my former label ended and during this period  i have definately grown as an artist and my energy has chaged and i feel that right now i am motivated and more professional about my music" she shared during an exclusive interview with Mdundo.

" Hit song is a song about love you know i have always been a love girl and so i drew the inspiration for this song from love. Its how i felt during the time which i was writting the song and it took me exactly 40 mins to write this song and i know that fans will be able to connect easily to this track" she further went on to add.

Hit Song has been produced by Jomino and is set to be released officially tommorow, complete with a HD video which i can assure fans that they will not be dissapointed.


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