ASA Promising Good Things in 'The Beginning'

By Kabura Nga'ng'a

Asa might have let us in to her new album, ‘The Beginning’. She has been hinting at its making since May of this year after releasing a video of the title single that is very melancholic in nature. As much as that is Asa’s  style, with this particular single it is really her just bearing her soul open for us to experience.

Prior to May, The Nigerian-French musician has been on a 5 year hiatus with her last album being ‘Bed of Stone’. She performed at the 25th edition of the Koroga Festival earlier this year just a month after getting back into the game. She has released one more track from the highly anticipated album; ‘Good Thing’. This is another soul anthem that is just Asa really being Asa.

Going by what has been released, I think it is safe to assume that we are going to get a very melancholic and soul-bearing album from Asa.

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