Rayvany Hits Out At Critic Against Planned Collabo With Stevo Simple Boy

By Rodgers Omondi

Popular Tanzanian musician Rayvanny has hit out at a top Kenyan artist who allegedly requested him not to work with ‘‘Vijana tuache mihadarati’ singer’ Stevo Simple Boy.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Rayvanny attached screenshots from the alleged artist, where the latter claimed that Rayvanny would be downgrading himself by working with Stevo.

In a quick rejoinder, Rayvanny, however, noted that he will support Stevo just like Diamond Platnumz supported him.

I wonder why Kenyans don't support their own talents because it's now been 3 days since i posted to Support the innocent Soul which is hustling and trying to Make his way succesful but Some idiot calling themselves big artists are texting Me and trying to Convince me that i don't Support that innocent soul telling me that am lowering my name!!! 

“The above screenshot is one of the Kenyan top artist trying to convince me not to support the "Mihadarati Hit Maker "... " Bro i Supported you and if i Support any Other artist sioni vibaya because also Diamond Supported Me from Nothing todate am a BET WINNER so please Let's love each other and Make East Africa Proud ... If you text me again with such nonsense then Nitakuanika Kabisa watu waone una roho Mbaya,” he posted on Facebook.

Earlier on, Rayvanny had requested his fans to help him find Stevo so that they can collaborate and produce a song.

Wananguwe niatafuieni huyu jamaa nifanye nae collabo,” he posted.

Stevo is an upcoming Kenyan artiste.


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