Boutross Munene Making Waves on Twitter

By Ian Jacob

For those who don’t know Boutross Munene, his an upcoming young talent in the music industry and his well known for his hit song “Wrong” and a feature on Octopizzo’s “Tergat gang”  so the man is clearly a big deal.

The leader of the new school, Shrap (Swahili trap music) is making tsunami’s on the ‘twitterverse'. His recently dropped single “Wrong” was a smashing success with a lot of views to boot. The Shrap ‘god’ asked his fans on twitter to help him get South Africa’s Casper Nyovest’s attention , to join him on the remix of the song “Wrong” 

Guess who stepped up to support him? None other than the don of Afro pop Mr Eazi himself. Boutross is on the lime light for this one. The rapper is pure talent as South Africa’s Shomadjozi stepped up and twitted “@casspernyovest do you think you can do something with these guys Pa? They too much” .

This all sounds unbelievable but it’s all on twitter and other social media. Boutross and Cassper Nyovest on a track together, now that would be a site to behold. Fingers crossed for Boutross cause that remix would be fire.

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