Tanasha Donna lands ambassadorial job

Tanasha Donna is already on her way to millions after being unveiled as the brand ambassador of Ley Jewellers, a Tanzanian jewellery company.

The company deals with pure gold jewels, rhodium plated silver and other gemstones like the exotic Tanzanite which is found on only one place on earth, in Tanzania near the Merelani Hills.

Announcing the great news, Tanasha posted “Excited to announce that I’m the OFFICIAL AMBASSADOR of @ley_jewellers. For 100% pure quality Gold, silver with rhodium and variety of gemstones including Tanzanite, @ley_jewellers has you sorted. @ley_jewellers @ley_jewellers.”

The deal comes days after she clocked her first million on Instagram, joining the coveted millionaires club of Instagram.

Miss Donna’s profile has grown expeditiously since meeting Diamond as she was teetering at approximately 40,000 followers in November before they went public.

The snowballing profile can be attributed to her Tanzanian following as Tanzanians are known to be very active on Instagram.

The new deal with the Jewellers is a sign of great things to come.

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