YES! Ed Sheeran Did That

By Kabura Ng'ang'a 

Ed Sheeran stays quiet on and about his business and we forget him until he hits us with unforgettable life and love anthems. The red haired musician was quick to remind us of his amazing lyricism when he hit us with his No. 6 collaborations project last week.

Ed barely has any collaborations in his math-inspired albums; +, x and ÷. This is Ed welcoming people into his process and space. He has featured people such as Travis Scott, 50 Cents, Eminem and Yebba. The collaborations have a black and white theme in both their lyrics videos and actual visuals. Ed steps into the other artists comfort zone by switching from acoustics with Yebba to rapping with Em and 50 and I don’t believe we deserve such brilliance in one artist in the industry.

We didn’t see it coming but then again it is Ed and we are here for it all.

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