Mbithi out with “Boy” featuring Cheruto

By Ian Jacob

Mbithi is back with the good vibes and good music. Kenyans have known Mbithi for awhile since he dropped a remix on designers “Panda” and later brought into the lime light by King Kaka who revered Mbithi’s lyrical mastery and featured the kid on his “Round 2” track .

Mbithi is an artist on the rise, his well known for his “Aye” track featuring Kemboi which is hands down funky with the groove to make you move. “Boy” featuring singer, Cheruto is his first single this year. Besides having fun and spreading good vibes in “Aye” ,Mbithi show us on “Boy” that he can be romantic too.

The word smith is never shy when it comes to flaunting his lyrical finesse and word play. In the song he talks about how he’ll take care of his woman with a rather cocky verses like “Table for 2 ,five star mi na reserve” which translates “I’ll reserve a table for 2 at a five star hotel” he raps to his woman on the phone while his driven in a chauffeured Rolls Royce. Cheruto brings her ‘A' game to compliment the rapper on the track.

Her voice mellows out the song with her  beautiful vocals. People should stop sleeping on Mbithi’s music, the guy is pure talent and one of these days he is bound to blow.


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