Tanasha Donna releases new jam ‘Nah Easy’

By Rodgers Omondi

Kenyan radio presenter Tanasha Donna has released a new single dubbed ‘Nah Easy’.

‘Nah Easy ’is Tanasha’s second song after she recently produced ‘Radio’ which was her first single. The song has been produced by S2KIZZY, and the video directed by Ivan Odie.

The song has a reggae touch to it, and has been shot in an amazing location with excellent graphics, and perfect transitions.

In an Instagram post, Tanasha urged her fans to watch the song, adding that shooting the video was not an easy task as she did it while six months pregnant.

In the post, Tanasha also addressed a scene in the video where she is seen smoking cigar. According to her, she did not inhale any of the cigar.

My next single NAH EASY from my upcoming EP #DONNATELLA is OUT NOW!!! Really hope you guys like it!!!! I shot this video while I was almost 6 months pregnant, wasn’t easy but made it through thanks to a great team. 

“Some may raise concerns about the whole smoke factor, which is understandable. First of all I can’t stand cigars, they stink and its gross. Secondly, I wasn’t inhaling any bit of the cigar into my lungs at all, at all, purely did it for the smoke effect and went to check if everything is fine afterwards and my son is perfectly healthy. Thought I'd set the record straight,” she posted on Instagram.

Just an hour after being posted on YouTube, the song already has over 17,000 views and 400 comments.

Her first song ‘Radio’ also did very well managing over one million views.


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