Nviiri The Storyteller Tells His Story

By Kabura Ng'ang'a

Nviiri is one of the artists who are signed on to Sol Generation; what he calls joining a family. He is also one of the brains behind the composition of Sauti Sol’s ‘Melanin’. He is now riding on the wae of his latest release ‘Pombe Sigara’ which is a song everyone loves.

Sol generation has released a mini-documentary on the artist. Nviiri takes us back to his old hood in Eastlands. While there we see some of his old friends who he describes as important to keep when one makes it. We meet mama Nviiri who takes us through Nviiri’s annoying ever-singing phase. She takes us through how he learnt how to play the guitar through the laptop and having to sit through off-key trials to perfection at a later point which was really exciting for her. Nviiri then takes us to his old job station, the father’s garage. Here is where he sharpened his composition skills and a lot of singing saw him kicked out of his job.

Head over and learn more about the storyteller and have fun while at it.

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