Vanessa Mdee with an “Expensive” Drop

By Ian Jacob

2019 has been good to Vanessa Mdee. The popular Tanzanian singer is at the bowling alley and her tracks are just hitting nothing but strikes. 

She debuted the year with ‘That’s for Me' featuring Distraction boyz, DJ Tira and Prince Bulo which was a smashing success. She recently showed her professionalism by featuring in Juma Jux’s (her ex)  ‘Sumaku'. 

Cash Madam is now ready to blow her fans away with a new ‘pricey' track dubbed ‘Moyo' which is just a taste of her much awaited EP “Expensive” . ‘Moyo' which translates to ‘Heart'. Vanessa sings about how her heart betrays her. She confesses the treachery in the chorus of the song as she sings “Moyo unanikosea, moyo unanikosea ,nakaa na wewe, natembea na wewe…” which translates to “Heart you wrong me, heart you wrong me, I stay with you, I walk with you…” 

Vanessa pours passion and emotion into the S2Kizzy produced jam. She sings her heart out making you feel the song as her beautiful voice guides through her story. When it comes to ‘Moyo’ Vanessa’s finesse of matters of the heart is sure to put you in your feelings with a delightful sounds and voice to boot. “Expensive” has a great start, let’s wait and see what Vanessa has in store next.

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