Collo: Kenyans love Bongo, Naija and Kwaito but hate on Kenyan(s)

Image Courtesy of Collo

The East African music scene has been on the rocks in the past few months, with artists complaining about how West African music has affected our industry's growth.

Collo the self proclaimed "King wa Rap", took on Twitter to lay his frustrations. "Tanzanians love bongo, Nigerians love Naija, South Africans love kwaito & Kenyans love Bongo, Naija & Kwaito but hate on Kenyan(s). #fact", he said.

Collo who recently released a new jam, "Kakiru", which topped the charts last week, seems to feel that his fellow Kenyans don't appreciate local music. Instead they go out looking for what the rest of the world offers. Are we suffering from a case of the "Prodigal son " syndrome perhaps?

Well it seems so since this preference for foreign music over our own, has had even some of our own local artists adopting Nigerian music styles, just to feed the brainwashed minds. Is it an act of admiration or lack of creativity? And how should we tackle the problem of the majority of Kenyans turning to West Africa for music?

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